About Me & My Style

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me as a photographer, my style and a little more about what I do outside of weddings. Also, whilst you are here, you might be interested in taking a look at my top 5 wedding photography shots... without all the uncomfortable posing!

Robert Nelson

I live on the border of Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire but originally from the small market town of Leighton Buzzard. I adore shooting weddings and love the buzz of interacting with the wedding guests and capturing moments of them all having a great time. I mostly cover Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire and sometimes further afield if required.

When I’m not photographing weddings you will find me either photographing landscapes or wildlife, cycling or walking.

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My Style...

without saying the same as every other photographer!

Beautiful wedding photography without turning

the whole day into a photoshoot!

You don't need to be camera-confident to have amazing wedding photos!

I create enjoyable and creative wedding photography for easy-going couples who like a bit of fun along the way!

My style is relaxed, I am known for being easy-going and relaxed

I keep out of the way so you can enjoy the day with your guests

I keep you well informed to help your timings go to plan

I capture as much of the day that is humanly possible with just one finger on the camera's shutter button

I have lots of memory cards so you will get lots of fun images

I work hard and always go way beyond expectations to make sure everything is just right

I love to have a good time with the guests because being social and silly is what makes a happy wedding photo

I don't ask you to perform uncomfortable back-breaking poses, but cartwheels are fine!

I provide lots of guidance to make sure we capture all the lovely details

I focus on making sure you don't look awkward, and so we can create lots of great images of you together.


How long have you been a photographer?

I have been capturing and editing photographs for much of my working life, be it weddings, landscapes, wildlife, commercial products or families, it has become a passion and obsession of mine.

How many wedding a year do you do?

I shoot around 20 weddings a year which is enough to make sure I give everyone enough personal time.

Do you do classic poses?

Some couples like to try out the classic wedding pose called "The Dip" because well its just a classic pose, and if that's you then I say go for it, but I don't ask couples to do this... most of the time it fails hard with the bride hanging-on for dear life! Some like to remove the garter with their teeth, I've never understood this one so I don't show these on the website! lol!

What about traditional shots

I can do traditional group shots of your key bridal party, along with a large group shot of everyone together if that's something you want to include. Some couples are not so bothered about these shots and they can be left off the list if requested, we will talk through this during our consultation.

Want to know what my top 5 wedding photography shots are without posing?

No.1 - Is called the "Wide Angle Drama" shot

This is where the couple are featured dramatically against the stunning backdrop, usually around the wedding venue, enjoying a secret and romantic moment on their own amongst the setting. I also call this "The album cover" or "The one for the wall". This type of shot offers a really natural feel and is great for couples to enjoy looking back over their wedding day together.

bride and groom wide angle shot

Wide Angle with the veil flick

bride and groom walking on golf course

Wide Angle mixed with 'The walking' shot

bride and groom outside eversholt hall, Bedfordshire

Wide Angle with wedding venue behind

No.2 - Is called "The Walking" shot

I love these simple shots as it's easy for couples to do without feeling awkward in front of the camera. We normally find a nice place that has a beautiful setting and all you have to do is walk with each other and be yourselves. Again, this provides a really natural wedding portrait.

Bride and groom walking and dancing through the forrest

Walking and dancing through the woods

bride and groom walking holding hands, houghton house, Bedfordshire

Walking and holding hands

Bride and groom walking lifting the brides dress

Walking whilst the groom holds the dress

No.3 - Is called "The Rounds" shot(s)

This is more of a collection of fun shots that we can do without really moving. They are great for close up shots of the two of you together and look more intimate, they are also great at smaller wedding venues where space is limited. It's called "The Rounds" because I make slight changes to your position whilst I move around you to get lots of shots at different angles and varying details. This is super easy and provides a wide selection of images.

Bride in front of the groom

Bride in front of the groom

Bride behind of the groom

Bride behind of the groom

Bride facing the camera with side of the groom

Bride facing the camera with side of the groom

No.4 - "Against the wall (saucy)" shot

This is a more modern style shot where I ask you to simply stand by the wall and just hold hands. This works great against all sorts of brick walls and even rustic iron sheds. Again this is a simple to do and doesn't take long to get a few variations buy changing your positions slightly.

Bride and groom holding hands against a brick wall

Bride and groom holding hands against a brick wall

Bride against an iron shed

Bride against an iron shed

Using the wall as a backdrop for bridal photographs

Using the wall as a backdrop

No 5 - "The Kiss" shot

This one doesn't need a great deal of explaining, but as you can see they are great to have moments when you are feeling more at ease in front of the camera.

Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom kissing outside church
Bride and groom kissing rustic wedding

Two non-wedding related facts about me

I think it's good to get to know who your photographer is and what their backgrounds are like outside of wedding photography, so here are two facts about me that you might find interesting. Feel free to ask me more about them during the wedding photography consultation.

“I cycled from London to Paris and back in just 4 days with a team of 8 awesome people.”

“I released my own music in collaborations with an American X-factor singer a few years ago.”

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