Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Do you have friends and family that you really want to share you wedding day with?

Live streaming technology allowed many couples in 2020 and early 2021 to share and broadcast their wedding day; allowing guests across the world to virtually attend and enjoy the celebrations. Covid-19 might have been the main driver for many couples turning to live streaming their wedding, but live streaming will be around for many years to come.

So, if you are thinking about ways to include distant relatives and those that are just simply unable to attend, then consider live streaming your wedding day.

Live Streaming From £395

From as low as £395 I can live stream your wedding using multiple high quality video cameras and wireless microphones, ensuring that your online guests get to see you walk down the aisle and share your vowels with each other in splendid HD video quality.

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How does live streaming work?

Your wedding guests will receive a live stream link via email a few days before the event, and I start broadcasting your event around 15 mins before you walk down the aisle. I use multiple cameras and wireless microphones to capture your event whilst your guests relax and enjoy your wedding from the comfort of their own home! At the end of the ceremony you can speak to your guests and share special messages with each other before you head off for your photography or reception!

We can even live stream your speeches too! You could even ask your guests to have dinner at the same time!

What happens if you can't stream on the day?

Live stream is dependent on a good data/internet access. My professional equipment can either connect to an ethernet or wi-fi connection at your venue, or I can use my own 4G/5G LTE hotspot. If for some reason beyond my control I am unable to stream the event live, the coverage can be recorded in high definition so there is a backup of your event. I am able to edit and upload your recorded stream the same day, so your guests will still get to see all the action, just a little later than planned.

Do we get a copy of the live stream?

We keep a copy of the live stream as it went live for 30 days and a live-stream version can be provided for £25. If we do not have an internet connection at the time of broadcast we can record the event as a backup. The live-stream version is in most cases a lesser quality based on the internet connection at the time of broadcast, but don't let that worry you. I have invested in live streaming equipment to allow for each camera to be individually recorded in high definition, which can be edited in post production to provide you with a high quality recording with balanced audio and music. I charge and additional £175 for this service.

How long can you live stream for?

The quoted price is based on a traditional English ceremony which is normally around 1 hour or so. If you need a longer duration, this can be quoted for upon request.

How many participants can connect to a live stream?

This generally depends on the broadcasting platform. But in general we use a provider for up to 100 participating connections, this can be upgraded to allow for more connections and can be quoted on at the time of booking.

Wedding Live Streaming Setup

Just a quick look at my live streaming set up as I get asked all the time what equipment I use and how things are working. Excuse the rough video taken in my studio just before my next live stream event.