Photography Portfolio

My photography portfolio shows you sections of the day and what you might receive in your online gallery or finished album.

My style includes a blend of documentary moments, bridal portraits and a selection of relaxed family photographs. I love the look of print and cinematic video; so my colour grade is designed to look as if you are looking at a printed piece of paper or a still image from a video, it touches on vintage tones with a modern feel, it's my own style, not a preset!

pt 1. Bridal Preparations

Hair, makeup and donning your best threads for the ceremony

pt 2. The Ceremony

The big moment starts here

pt 3. The Confetti

Bursts of colour

pt 4. The Group Shots

Relaxed family photographs

pt 5. The Couples Shots

Enjoying some time together - Natural light and creative flash photography

pt 6. Just The Bride

It's all about the bride in these photos

pt 7. The Breakfast

Oh no not the Speeches!

pt 8. Documentary

When things just happen

pt 9. The Celebrations

Let's party, time to let your hair down and show off your moves