Stunning Wedding Videography

I have a lot of respect for all the vendors involved in the process of creating a wedding, everyone of them doing their very best at playing their part in providing the bride and groom with a wedding day to talk about for many years. I love the fact that photographers and videographers are there glueing it all together, crafting a cohesive story, presented as a lasting memory of stills and moving pictures of every detail that all the vendor have worked hard on, all for the newly wedded couple to enjoy.

Every now and then I get to meet some pretty amazing people in the wedding service industry, from hair stylist and cake bakers to DJ's and drag queens, the wedding industry is buzzing with so much talent it scary. To think how much time each of us vendors puts in to crafting and perfecting our skills behind the scenes is hard to comprehend, it's the sort of job you can only do with passion. I would like to share the talent of a very passionate videographer called Amy Lightowler from Bedfordshire.

Armed with an impressive 10 year background in national television production working for the BBC & ITV to name but a few, Amy's cinematic wedding videos are beautiful and impressive; they ooze love and emotion. You can clearly see from her work that she creates with passion, capturing all the details and real moments that a wedding will present itself with throughout the day. Amy offers really affordable wedding videography packages that could easily attract a much higher price; my advice is to snap up Amy now and have her create the wedding video that you have always dreamed of.

Take a look at the wedding video of Mr & Mrs Harris below, most importantly, take a look at her website and give her a call.