Is this what you think when confronted with the idea of being in front of the camera?

We only want natural shots...
We don’t like the idea of posing... but would like a few nice shots together...
Could you just concentrate on the candid shots...
My dress looks great, but I hate having my photo taken...

Do you dislike being in front of the camera but still want to capture beautiful and amazing photos of your big day?

I find that couples often come to me and say similar things to those listed above, and it’s usually a sign that they are not so confident in front of the camera! In general, most couples are not particularly confident in front of the camera, so right from the start let's knock down the first barrier, and that’s to say that it ‘IS’ completely natural to feel this way. The very thought of someone waving a large camera lens in your direction can be very off-putting and having that person asking you to perform awkward poses can be the tip of the iceberg. By the way, I don’t ask couples to perform awkward poses!

I understand why you are feeling this way, and that it can make you want to shy away from capturing your ideal wedding photos. Unless you are a couple that's ‘professionally trained’ in modelling for wedding photography (they do exist), why on earth would you be confident in front of the camera? The problem is that these feelings could mean that you might be missing out on the opportunity of catching a romantic moment together that you might otherwise miss and regret. Some couples love taking selfies together or may even be photographers in thier spare time so they may be more comfortable than others, but the majority of couples are not self-confident or comfortable in front of the camera. So, let me remind you that this is entirely natural and whatever your thoughts are, they are 'normal', and it’s a process many couples go through.

So I have put together a 6 useful tips to help you put your worries aside and embrace your wedding photography.

1) Make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer!

Building trust with your photographer is probably the most important aspect of choosing your ideal wedding photographer, if you love the images they take then you are going to feel relaxed on your wedding day, knowing everything will meet your expectations. For example, if you are a playful couple and like to have a laugh, make sure you find a photographer that also likes a laugh and try out ideas, or f you want a photographer to capture cinematic images of you together, then you must find a photographer that can achieve this.

wedding rings during signing of the register

2) Invest in yourself

I don't mean to spend silly amounts of money on spoiling yourself, although if you can afford it why not! I mean take the time make yourself feel good on your wedding day. For brides, choose a wedding dress that makes you shine and plan your hair and make up way before the big day. For the groom you will want to feel slick and stylish, so choose a suit that fits well on the shoulders as well as around the waist! The better you feel in your bridal clothes, the more relaxed you will feel on the day.

bridal photographs

3) Talk to your photographer

It's really important that you talk to your photographer before your wedding day to make sure they are aware of anything you are feeling self confident about. I had a groom once that didn't want any shots side-on because he felt that his nose was too big and a bride that only wanted photos from the left because she feels better on that side. This is all normal and you should be as open as possible with how you feel. Talking things through builds on the trust and your confidence, which will make you feel more relaxed on the day. The last thing you should be doing is worrying about these details, remember to focus on each other and enjoy your wedding day.

large groom behind his bride in then fields

4) Have an engagement session

Feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera is totally natural so you might be thinking why on earth would I do this twice! Well, once you have an engagement session you will be wondering what was all the fuss was about! It's a great opportunity to gain a little confidence in front of the camera, get to know the photographer, understand more about their style and how they might work with you on your wedding day. There are lots of reasons to have an engagement session aside from those listed above, and remember you can always use the images for your wedding invites!

Bride and groom engagement session

5) Relax and be yourselves

It's easy to be tense during your wedding day, especially at the start as the nerves may start to kick in, but the best tip is to just be yourselves and enjoy the moment. Your photographer will be wanting to capture the most genuine images possible, real emotions will show your personality and will make the best wedding images.

bride and groom talking to guests

6) Live every moment as if it was your first dance together

This is more a lifestyle tip as opposed to a camera confidence tip... but the general message is to just enjoy the moments, the romance and the celebrations. It's going to be a beautiful wedding day and you are both beautiful people, enjoy it and have fun.

bride and groom kissing on the dance floor