Center MK's Flowers Suite for 80 guests

In October 2018 the Milton Keynes Council closed the registry office at Bracknell House in Bletchley and move to a new facility at the Civic Offices. A brand new registry office was opened in the centre of Milton Keynes, offering a modern setting for newly weds at the "Flowers Suite", in addition to the new ceremony room, couples can also enjoy the new private landscaped garden making it an ideal space capture group shots and the confetti tunnel away from the concrete and glass buildings of central Milton Keynes. I had the pleasure of photographing John and Samantha's wedding and took a few photos of the ceremony room before the event.

So what do I think of the venue for wedding photography?

Firstly, the venue is clean and modern with great lighting, making capturing shots during the wedding reception fairly consistent. The seating is nicely laid out and the registrars are positioned to the right hand side; this is great because I like to position myself centre as the bride walks down the aisle and then to the left during the ceremony.

During the ceremony

Unfortunately the registrar would position themselves between two artificial flower stands which are up against the wall, whilst this is great for the registrar and the guests there's no way at all to get a good position to photograph the ceremony from the front. So, once the proceeding begin I move to the back and shoot from there. Again it's not a problem and you can capture all the action from there quite easily. There is a plus point to moving to the back of the Flowers Suite as you will no longer have the fire exit sign in every photograph!

Parking & Prices

If you have a bridal car then you will have a reserved space at the front of the venue. For guests there are a couple of options, the closer parking spaces near to the venue are in the more expensive red bay and are charged at £2.00 per hour! But if you head 20 meters beyond the venue you can use the purple bays, these are only 50p per hour!

1 Saxon Gate, East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ