Congratulations to Paulina & Wayne Canfer who celebrated their wedding at The Milling Barn, Hertfordshire on 2nd September 2020.

This was a great wedding held at the lovely Milling Barn in Hertfordshire. Unique to this wedding was the outdoors ceremony in the wooded garden where guests were treated to the Mariachi music of Los Soneros; a two piece made up of Victor & Natalia performing Latin-American music on acoustic guitars. They were excellent.

The video above tells the story of Paulina & Wayne who met online through different dating sites! The online algorithm of the sister websites fated them together and the rest is history.

Paulina & Wayne are a fun loving couple and it was a real treat to be both photographing and videoing their big day together. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them lots of happy dancing together that I know will be filled with lots of laughs and good times. X

Paulina & Wayne Live Reaction

This is a fantastic live reaction from Paulina & Wayne. The full testimonial is at the end.