Tip 1 - Make it personal

Make sure to bring out your own 'individual' style, make your wedding day unique and personalised, and make sure it's about you as a couple. Don't be afraid to be quirky or do things a little different. Your guests will love learning more about you as a couple, and they will be telling everyone about how much fun it was. I've seen wizard of Oz themes, lego themes and model aeroplanes as centre pieces around the wedding breakfast tables, so remember, anything goes, it's your wedding day so be you.

Wizard of OZ themes wedding shoes for the groom

Wedding rings in Lego boxes

Wedding rings in Lego boxes

model aeroplanes as centre pieces around the wedding breakfast tables

Model aeroplanes as centre pieces

Tip 2 - Remember the 5 P's

I learnt this phrase from a friend of mine when we used to cycle together around the local area. Every time I got a puncture and didn't have a spare tube or ran out of fluid on a long 60-mile ride, he would shout out to me "Remember the 5 P's Rob", "Piss, Poor, Planning, Prevents, Perfection" - It makes me laugh even now but back then I used to think, "He's right again the...". Anyway, this is quite an important thing to remember because planning out your wedding day will save you a ton of stress leading up to the big day. Here is a quick list of things to help you get organised:

  • Make a list of all your wedding guests, even the ones you are not thinking of inviting
  • Make a list of all your wedding suppliers
  • Speak with your venue and photographer to work out your timings of the day
  • Keep an eye on your budget as things can get wildly out of hand
  • Write down all the dates you need to pay deposits by; not all suppliers have the same payment schedules
  • Have a plan B for the unpredictable wet weather wedding

Tip 3 - Don't stress

You should try your best to eliminate any stress during the build-up to your wedding day. The best advice is to try and plan early. You will both be buzzing about getting married, and you should enjoy the journey, so remember the 5 P's and start your planning. An additional tip would be to have a relaxed night before your wedding day, have a nice meal with your bridesmaids and parents and don't drink too much alcohol, drink plenty of water, so you are hydrated and look your best on the big day. Same advice for the boys but they never listen ;-)

Tip 4 - Keep your guests informed

Send out your invitations early so people can plan for your wedding day if you haven't sorted them out pick up the phone and talk to your guests and then follow up with a 'save the date' card or fridge magnet. You will find that 10%-15% of the guests you invite won't be able to make it due to location or time of year, so knowing who will be attending will help you to plan your day better and organise the wedding breakfast seating plan. Also remember, your guests may want to buy a new wedding outfit, or you may have guests that have to travel a long distance, or from abroad, so they will be super appreciative of the advanced heads up that you are getting married.

A few other top tips for keeping your guests informed:

  • Look at hotels nearby and send them a list,
  • Try not to book hotel rooms for guests as this will add to your stress levels
  • Make sure your guests know the address of your venues with clear instructions on times and parking.
Guests toasting the bride and groom

Guests toasting the bride and groom

Young boy running towards the camera during the wedding photos

He just wanted his own photograph taken

Guests pointing at the bride and groom

Guests pointing at the bride and groom

Tip 5 - Leave plenty of time to enjoy your day and party hard!

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, with tons of laughs and even a few tears. One moment you are anticipating the day ahead, and the next moment it's the first dance already! So, make sure you leave plenty of time to enjoy your day from the moment you wake up right to the evening partying. Work with your photographer and wedding planner to leave gaps so you can enjoy your guests and each other. One thing I always do is to give my couples 5 mins break right after the wedding ceremony together to enjoy the moment, away from the guests before they walk down the confetti tunnel at to the group shots.

Bride with her sister enjoying the party

Bride with her sister enjoying the party

The groom going for it during the first dance

The groom going for it during the first dance

bride and brides maids around the love letters

The girls having fun with the L.O.V.E letters