With Kevin & Corrine

An overview of shooting at this great location as a Cissbury Barns Wedding Photographer during Kevin & Corrine Knowlson’s wedding day.

Cissbury Barns is a fantastic venue, if you are looking for a venue that offers everything your day could ever need then Cissbury Barns is a sure winner! and from a wedding photographers perspective it offers fantastic landscapes, rustic barns and a large garden area for family group photos.    

The wedding of Corrine and Kevin was a wedding to remember for 2018, these guys did it all and it was amazing, they provided what can only be described as a feature packed wedding that was not only to celebrate their love for each other but also gave their guests a day to remember, and I’m sure 100% of them enjoyed every minute. It was such an exciting wedding to be photographing.   

From the start, Kevin was excited about his day and couldn’t wait to arrive at Cissbury Barns to start the celebrations, and when Corrine entered the room everyone’s face lit up with happy smiles, you could instantly see Corrine has this gift when she enters any room. After the ceremony and confetti throwing the party started with a very entertaining cross-dressed singer keeping everyone amused, followed by live music speeches and evening disco that had everyone dancing. 

The after breakfast meal photographs were taken around the landscaped grounds using red and blue smoke bombs followed by a romantic walk as the sun began to set.   

I would like to congratulate Kevin & Corrine not only for their love for each other and their wedding day but also for not forgetting about the guests as there friends and family are obviously so important to them. You make a lovely couple and I wish many year of happiness together that will last a lifetime.

groom buttoning his waist coat, Robert Nelson Wedding Photography
Groom putting on button hole, Robert Nelson Wedding Photography
groom on blue steps in Brighton, Robert Nelson Wedding Photography
groomsmen walking in street in Brighton
button holes on a board
woman putting on a button hole on best man
bride walking in to the ceremony at cissbury barns
wedding ceremony setup at cissbury barns
bride and groom at cissbury barns
bride adjust the groom at cissbury barns
bride and groom kissing at cissbury barns
bride and groom confetti kissing at cissbury barns
bride and groom celebrating at cissbury barns
instavan at cissbury barns
table decorations at cissbury barns