With Fay & Andy

I had recently been given the pleasure to photograph Fay and Andy at their wedding in the Diocese of Birmingham’s, West Midlands, at the lovely Kings Norton Saint Nicolas Church on May 25th 2019.

Most church weddings I attend to photograph at are filled with tombstones without space or opportunity to really photograph the bride and groom during those special moments or after the ceremony around the church grounds. 

However, Kings Norton Saint Nicolas Church offers a little more within the grounds as it also hosts a 17th century Old Grammar School at Saint Nicolas Place which features charming and intimate Tudor characters that are perfect for bridal portraits and family group shots. 

Just outside the main entrance, the church has two leading paths making it an ideal opportunity for capturing the colourful confetti shots of the bride and groom along with happy guests, the confetti shot is one of my favourite wedding photography moments of the day so this was a real treat for me.

I asked Fay & Andy why they choose Saint Nicolas Church, and they said that its close to their hearts; they can see the spire from their house and loved hearing the church bells at the weekends. 

I started the day with a quick recce around the church before heading off to photograph Fay and her three lovely daughters getting ready as bridesmaids. Fay was really accommodating from the start, showing me around her house and allowing me crack on with photograph her wedding dress and all the important details. 

I then gave Fay a few moments to put on her dress which gave me time to photograph her daughters with grandad, I love these family shots too, the girls and grandad were really keen to be photographed. 15 mins later I entered the room to see Fay all beautifully dressed and ready to add the finishing touches to her hair and makeup. This was shortly followed by Fay’s Dad who was yet to see her ready for the big day.

I made my return back to the church to grab a few images of Andy and his best man before heading back out to wait the arrival of Fay just as she entered the church, another great opportunity to capture Fay with proud dad and daughters. The girls had smiling faces and Fay and her father were glowing with excitement as they entered the main entrance to the church where Andy was waiting to see Fay for the first time. The ceremony went well and the vicar was in top form, making jokes along the way which provided a refreshing touch! Another +1 for Saint Nicolas Church. 

After the ceremony, confetti shots and quick candids of the guests I grabbed the opportunity to photograph Fay & Andy around The Old Grammar House before heading back down the other entrance path for some walking shots. Fay did say that they didn’t really want any posed shots of them, so I kept the shoot quick and on point, allowing them to be natural and in the moment without posing. I think they will love the outcome from such a short bridal portrait session, and to have some images of them together at the church they love so much should be a real treat for them. 

Whilst I took a few shots of Fay & Andy, the rest of the guests headed off to the reception venue at The Bell in Broughton which was about a 25-minute drive away, The Bell was a charming pub that complemented The Old Grammar House offering a nicely decorated rustic barn, set up ready for the wedding breakfast and speeches. It’s during the speeches that I normally take a break to eat and photograph the local area, this where I discovered an ideal spot for a family group shot of Fay, Andy and Children. I also used the opportunity to compose and grab just one last couple shot that also captured the name of the venue and them kissing in a moment beneath an old street lantern.

The day was beginning to draw to a close with just the first dance to go before I was due to head home, Andy had promised to perform his special dance moves, so I had to make sure I stayed long enough to capture some of the action! He was nervous before the dance but they both rocked it together which everyone enjoyed. 

I would finally like give a huge congratulations once more to Fay & Andy and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together. I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I did in capturing them.